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Camden University USA

Message From President

" We have been involved in distance learning for a number of years. Camden University prides itself in providing tertiary education that is
relevant in this age and era. We have a team of well qualified and experienced faculty and support staff who really care about their students
and this is what makes us stand out from other distance learning University. We put students first. Our academic programs are modern,
challenging and very relevant to the current needs of the industry, government and public life.

If you as student feel that you need a University which cares for you and where are the emphasis is on student welfare and quality education,
the Camden University should be your choice. Make the Right decision and further your education at Camden University.

Capitalize on your experiences with a combination of experiential learning, seminars, tutorials, self study and via e-learning. You would be
able to achieve your life’s ambition for an Academic Qualification. Now is this time and take proactive actions to participate our programs. "


About Camden
Camden University is incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA as a non profit organization.
The University is structured along very modern lines in order to readily respond to current educational,
industrial, social, environmental and worldly needs. Camden is for the working men and women, who for various
reasons have missed out in the reat race for college or tertiary education.

Entry into the Diploma, Bachelor and Masters Program is flexible with great emphasis given on
working experiences and other accomplishments since leaving high school or completion of secondary
education. Similarly admission into the Doctorate and Doctor of Philosophy Programs require a
Master Degree, However candidates with specialized knowledge and experiences do find Camden’s
flexible admission requirements; a big advantage over similar institutions. Camden does not boast
of a campus but the team of very dedicated and distinguished Academics and Practitioners, all
specialists in their field mitigates this shortcoming with par excellence mentoring, supervision,
seminars tutorials and other aids, essential for successful completion of the programs offered.

It is the policy of the University to use the local expertise, talent and academia to deliver programs
in any given location. This guarantees that programs are relevant to needs of the local communities.

The University is managed by a very experienced team well versed in Higher Education. The Academia
is comprised of experienced Academics and Practitioners, able to bring to candidates the latest in
contemporary thinking in given topics and subjects irrespective of completion of programs via self
study, e-learning, tutorials, seminars and purely by research,Camden guarantees students completion
of the programs with dedicated support and usage of technology especially in Communication

News Update
Master Franchisee in Asia

< Stamford, Jul 30 > Camden University has signed up with Asian Institute of Management Science (AIMS Asian Sdn Bhd)
as the Master Franchisee for Asia. AIMS has extensive experience in distance education, with current operations in many
countries in Asia. AIMS has a state of art e-learning portal, including a cyber library enabling their delivery of the programs
effectively and efficiently.

Camden has also signed a franchise agreement with K-Professional Development Academy (KPDA). KPDA is the recognized
and leading provider of academic, training and seminar programs in a wide range of Islamic related programs, especially in
Islamic Banking, Insurance, Finance and Risk Management. KPDA is poised to bring Islamic Banking, Finance and into the
markets of South East Asia Region and Greater China, particularly in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Asian Institute of Management Science 

K-Professional Development Academy

Program Authentication

< Stamford, Jul 30 > Camden is proud to be associated with KPDA in the delivery and dessimation of Islamic Professional Programs
through their e-Learning portal. KPDA is looking for strategic partners in different parts of the world to propagate and promote Islamic
Programs in Banking Finance, Insurance etc.

Camden has taken the necessary steps to obtain authentication from the Secretary State in Washington as a legitimate and properly
constituted corporation, involve in Education. Steps are also being taken to obtain authentication from the Chinese Embassy in Washington.

Accreditation - International Recognition

Camden University is accredited by a number of accreditation agencies from all over the world.
They are as follow:

Camden University is accredited by a number of accreditation agencies from all over the world.
They are as follow:

1     Asia- Pacific Education Inc. (APEI)
2     Association of Certified Financial Practitioners (ACFP)
3     Distance Learning Association Brazil (DLAB)
4     Asia-Pacific Council in Adult and Distance Education (APCADE)